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Like a bolt from the blue, here's my blog! I go by Master Spockanort on KHInsider, but you can call me Ethy!

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Remember the 2009 Tokyo Game Show trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and how it had Aqua with no back in her corset? Everybody went into a frenzy, praising Square Enix for taking the risk to make a Disney heroine wear a backless outfit, and others questioned the logic in a “backless corset” because honestly how does that work? 

Of course, as most of these things are, it was a mistake. In Aqua’s next appearance, her model was corrected and ever since fans have mourned the loss of her backless design, error or not.

Jump back to 2013, where people still miss it.

A dear friend of mine told me I should try to make an Aqua design for Animal Crossing…but backless. I said yes because I’m clearly crazy and started the grueling task of figuring out how to make Aqua in ACNL lol

I did it, and here is the end result! It’s full of mistakes and I just about broke my 3DS from frustration.